Route 6

If you’re looking for a unique cross-country road trip, US Route 6, also known as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway (honoring the American Civil War veterans association), might be the path for you. Running from Provincetown, MA, to Bishop, CA, Route 6 is a main route of the U.S. Highway system. From 1936 to 1964, its western terminus was Long Beach, CA, making it the longest highway in the country. In 1964, however, California renumbered its highways, resulting in Route 6 losing its “longest highway” title to US 20.

The section of Route 6 that runs through Pennsylvania is one of the state’s most historic and well-known roadways. Starting at the Delaware River and running the full length of the commonwealth all the way to the Ohio state line, Route 6 is the longest highway segment in the state. Completed in 1927 as it is known today, the interstate services nearly all of the major travel destinations of PA’s northern-most corridor, including Warren, Port Allegany, Coudersport, Scranton and Milford. The route runs directly through Wellsboro at mile marker 220, which makes our gas lamp studded town the closest halfway marker of the PA section of the road.

Despite being one of the longest contiguous highways in the country, Route 6 is know for meandering somewhat haphazardly through small towns and countryside, much like that which surrounds Wellsboro and the Penn Wells. This makes it a popular road for motorcycle and classic car tours. The Penn Wells Lodge is located directly on Route 6, while the Penn Wells Hotel is just half a block away. So whatever travels put you on Route 6, the Penn Wells is the premier destination to rest and relax as you enjoy this celebrated road.