Ski Sawmill Family Resort is a winter fun area located a 30-minute drive from the Penn Wells. Ski Sawmill offers great downhill skiing in an environment that is great for all levels of skiiers. Particularly for families, Ski Sawmill makes for a great destination skiing experience. A trip to stay at the Penn Wells and ski at Ski Sawmill offers a much more affordable experience than a trip out to a major Western ski resort and the experience is much more manageable. Sawmill is a great learn-to-ski mountain and families can ski together or ski separately knowing that with the smaller scale of the resort it is hard to get lost. Snowboarders love the runs and jumps as much as the skiiers, who rave about the great snow conditions, whether northern Pennsylvania is the beneficiary of natural snowfall or not. Ski Sawmill also has a nice weekend tubing experience for the family that wants to take on a less technically challenging –but still very fun — winter activity.

Cross Country skiing is a favorite winter activity in the Wellsboro area. Many of the hiking trails and nearby State parks that make the area so popular for hikers in the summer, likewise attract cross-country skiing enthusiasts in the winter. And the Pine Creek Rail Trail, which has been rated one of the top 10 cycling rail trails in the country, is groomed for cross country skiing in the winter.