Christmas Eve and New Years festivities at the Penn Wells!

“Why? Do you need to pick up some dog poop?”

As you can imagine, in our household we like to support independent small businesses. Our oldest daughter recently had to sell candles for a school fundraiser. We only grudgingly support the sales some of the time, because while we don’t like to take away sales from our local shops, we want to be supportive of our kids’ activities. So, on the morning the candle order was due, we hastily wrote a check for three candles and Dad tells Child #1 she can give them as gifts to her mom, grandmother, and aunt. A few weeks later, she brings her candles home from the school conveniently packed in a Wal-Mart bag, hides the bag, and promptly forgets where she put them.

Which brings us to the point in the story where Dad says to the youngest daughter, age 8, “have you seen a Wal-Mart bag?” And she quickly responds, “Why, do you need to pick up some dog poop?” Yes, when we take our golden retriever outside for a walk, any stray Wal-Mart bags that might have come home with the kids (which is the only way they enter our house) get used first. It seems natural to us, but it is good to see it internalized in the children at an early age.  

At the Penn Wells we have had an excellent December. We had wonderful weather and terrific crowds for Dickens of a Christmas weekend. Then, our Second Annual Christmas on Main Street weekend exceeded our expectations as visitors and residents alike came out to support local businesses, ride the trolley, see the Shiny Brite ornament displays, and enjoy the music, live nativity, decorations, and Christmas spirit. We look forward to an even better weekend next year, December 11-13, 2018.


We have a few more events to round out the season. Christmas Eve dinner is fast approaching. Our Special Christmas Eve menu is posted here. The restaurant will be closed on Christmas Day, reopening on Tuesday for lunch. Then on New Year’s Eve we welcome the Fabulous Philadelphia Mojo Kings to rock the Penn Wells. We have a limited selection of rooms still available at the Hotel, as well as rooms available just down the street at the Lodge.

We wish all friends of the Penn Wells a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Shawn and Ellen Bryant