Sweet fall desserts arrive at the Penn Wells

Enjoy the sweet taste of fall at the Penn Wells!

Penn Wells Hotel & Lodge CEO, Shawn Bryant, announces the delicious flavors of fall coming to the Mary Wells Dining Room restaurant this fall!

Penn Wells Pastry Chef Kayla Tilton has been hard at work on the fall desserts menu, and it is here in the Mary Wells Dining Room restaurant in plenty of time for the annual turning of the colors on the leaves in the mountains that surround Wellsboro.

Kayla’s fall menu kicks off with a Pear Chai Cheesecake, which features cinnamon pears on a gingersnap crust garnished with crème anglaise and cranberry compote. Kayla says the idea for this flavor combination came to her at work in the Penn Wells kitchen, but I prefer to think it came to her in a creative moment was inspired by a hike on the wonderful West Rim Trail overlooking the rim of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. In any case, the chai spices and cinnamon pear combine to deliciously compliment her base cheesecake – delicious in every iteration. And a walk on the West Rim Trail is a great way to prepare yourself for a Pear Chai Cheesecake reward!

Next, Kayla’s Brownie Ala Mode will satisfy any chocolate and ice cream lover who is not quite ready to say goodbye to summer. Kayla’s fall version of this treat, starts with a warm brownie topped with ice cream, but adds a bourbon maple sauce topping and caramel popcorn topping for a truly special end to a great meal.

Apple Crisp is a favorite fall recipe in my family. Growing up in Maine, we would pick apples at the local orchard, and my mother would slice them up and put them in her apple crisp.  Kayla’s version has the extra benefit of providing our guests with a gluten free option to finish off a tasty meal. It may be gluten free, but once it is topped with ice cream and homemade caramel, your sweet tooth will be fully satisfied.

Tiramisu is a dish that Kayla often includes on her menus. The fall iteration is a Pumkin Tiramisu – lady fingers soaked in a spiced coffee and layered with a pumpkin mascarpone filling and topped with sugared pecans and a gingerbread cookie. Served in a stemless martini glass, this tiramisu will have you mentally transported into your childhood pumpkin patch. It’s a real tribute to fall in the countryside, done in a fine dining style.

Sweet potato doughnuts with a marshmallow topping are the newest addition to her fabulous dessert menu. Kayla has done doughnuts before on special events, but this is the first time she is bringing them to the Penn Wells dessert menu. (The apple orchard where I grew up picking apples also made homemade doughnuts, so this is another classic taste of fall for me. I know Kayla’s sweet potato doughnuts will not disappoint.)

If you’re going to be visiting us this fall, remember to walk around and enjoy the outdoors and then save room for dessert!

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